KARINE JOHNSTON, LICSW, CCA - Holistic Psychotherapy. Ayurveda. Aromatherapy.
"Karine is one of the best therapists that I have ever worked with and experienced. We could learn various skills, qualities, and techniques from textbooks to become a therapist, however, it is rare to practice and live them, consistently and holistically. Karine is a therapist of not only therapeutic act but also therapeutic word, being caring, compassionate, genuine, unprejudiced, conscientious, and professional. Karine has provided her clients with multi-dimensional and balanced perspectives of situations that they are in, helped them listen to unheard voices inside the heart, and take courage to heal, grow, and thrive." Dr. Kang, psychologist
"I want to thank you for the products that you have made. Thanks to your products, I can be together with the essence of nature whenever I need and wherever I go.
 I had been skeptical about natural products, but we trust you and as a result, we trust your products. Most of all, we know them by experience, and they work. Thanks." Mr. Riu, engineer
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